Watch it wobble around and around!

Three uniquely textured tracks slide onto the tower in any order you want. Drop one of the balls onto the top and send it rolling with a light clatter.

Wonder abounds as its weight tips the tower this way and that atop the wobbly base!

Then, once it’s time to go, all the balls can be stored inside the tower for easy clean-up.

Classic ball-run fun becomes a topsy-turvy delight with Wobble Run!

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Winning or losing hangs in the balance of every move in Topple Chrome. A clever balancing act of fun and learning, Topple Chrome develops STEM skills in an entertaining way. Challenging gameplay helps to shape math and science skills such as spatial reasoning, analytical thought and basic physics principles. It takes careful concentration and a steady hand to win this game! Players take turns rolling the die and placing their pieces on the specially designed Topple tower. Earn points by stacking your pieces up high, or completing rows…but be careful! As more pieces are added, the Topple board will tip and sway, until it all comes toppling down. Be the steady player with the most points to win! For 2 to 4 players, ages 6 and up.

Game Contents:

1 Topple tower with stand
48 Colorful topple pieces
1 Die
Complete Instructions