Thinkbaby Aloe After Sun Gel Kids 8oz

Thinkbaby Aloe After Sun Gel Kids 8oz


Size(s): 237ml

Not to be scary, but one bad burn before the age of 16 years old can double your chances of getting skin cancer ( The incidence of skin cancer is now larger than all other cancers combined (NIH).

Unlike most cancers, skin cancer is highly preventable when you embrace sun safety regime that includes: staying out of the sun during peak hours, wearing hats, sunglasses and long sleeves and of course wearing sunscreen. On that note, we like Thinkbaby or Thinksport sunscreen… But here we are with an overexposure, so we created Aloe Vera Gel to help provide some quick relief.

Aloe Vera After Sun was created to provide a safe solution without the harmful chemicals. Aloe Vera won’t:

Won’t give you the ability to photosynthesize
Help you determine where belly button lint comes from
Get a parking spot in the front row
See over the head of the person standing in front of you at the concert
Completed EWG Verified certification and meets the strictest standards for your health. Formulated with decolorized Aloe Vera Extract. No sulfates, parabens, phthalates, PEGs, colorants

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